Surinerts® Sugar Spheres are inert cores, based on sucrose and maize starch, used as excipients in controlled release oral drug forms, or simply as edulcorant for sachets and capsules formulations. Their purpose is to be covered by API so as to become active pellets to be filled into hard gelatins capsules. The number of solid controlled release Pharmaceutical products in pellets form is huge and it is continuously growing up in all Countries; they are especially used in generic drugs oral formulations. Their peculiarities allow a better performance of active products compared to the performance of the same in standard forms, e.g.:

  • Better bioavailability
  • Less side-effects
  • Better patients compliance

Surinerts® Division in IPS has recently set up some new pellets: 100% and 96% Tartaric Acid pellets.
They are used in Pharma industries as critical and functional excipients, because they are used to be covered with high potency drugs so that the homogeneity and uniformity of dosage can be better assured.
Moreover they have a functional effect as well, because they slowly increase bioavailability of weakly basic drugs.
IPS is manufacturing Tartaric Acid pellets with a proper method of production, able to assure:

  • extremely white pellets
  • highly hard pellets
  • smooth surface
  • good sphericity
  • neither holes or cracks inside
  • no-porosity on surface
  • the application of potent drugs homogeneously distributed on their surface

IPS starts its production from natural sources of Tartaric acid, coming from Italian grapevines. The suppliers of raw materials guarantee a fully compliance with Pharmacopoeial requirements.

IPS has obtained the Drug Master files #032545 for Tartaric Acid Pellets.

Audits and customers
We consider audits an important tool to assure level and effectiveness of our Quality Assurance System. Customers and potential customers are always welcome.

Ips has been approved and is regularly supplying the following multinational Companies: Aurobindo, Sanofi, Zydus Cadila, Novartis, Temmler, Cipla, Glenmark, KRKA.

IPS has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
Download ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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