At IPS our goals are to consistently provide customers with Sugar Spheres intended for Pharmaceutical uses, which comply with FDA/USP/EP/BP requirements.
Our Management is aware that Pharmaceutical Quality cannot be merely judged by compliance of product with analytical tests, but it is determined by cumulative and synergic effects of: premises, equipment, materials, procedures, services and skills of personnel involved in all the manufacturing processes.
Quality is considered as collective responsibility of all workers and the Company’s policy of total quality is achieved by commitment and team’s efforts.
Policy is implemented by operating within framework of a formal quality system based on current GMP standards.


Founded in 1976, IPS started its activity in the field of industrial microencapsulation.

A few years later, in early 1980s, IPS joined an international group of pharmaceutical private-formula manufacturers and started manufacturing sugar-starch based excipients for Pharmaceutical uses. In 1990s IPS became fully independent.

Production Plant

The IPS Sugar Spheres plant covers an overall area of more than 5000 square meters (2500 of which are indoor) including the following facilities:

  • Raw materials warehouse
  • Raw materials quarantine area
  • Rotating pans rooms
  • Washing area
  • Sieving rooms
  • Weighing and packaging areas
  • Finished products quarantine and finished products warehouse
  • R&D Laboratory
  • Quality Control laboratory

Research & Development

IPS has developed a R&D Department and a fully equipped pilot centre for the study and development of new production methods for Sugar Spheres and for the continuous improvement and optimization of industrial processes.

R&D Laboratory is equipped with:

  • Lab. scale rotating pans
  • pilot rotating pans (18lt)
  • automatic sieving systems
  • grinder
  • granulator
  • kneading machine
  • microscope

Laboratory of Analysis

Our internal Laboratory of Analysis is equipped with:

  • 2 UHPLC
  • Dissolution equipment
  • oven
  • 2 incubators
  • homogenizer
  • equipment for particle size analysis (Analyzette, Ro-Tap, Endecotts)

RA Department
All Technical Data Sheets, MSDS and allergen-free and complete Regulatory Data Sheet are available and updated accordingly to the current Requirements from ICH Guidelines.