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IPS has been manufacturing inert microgranules for pharmaceutical use for almost 50 years. IPS microgranules are used both by private formula manufacturers specializing in MODIFIED RELEASE formulations and health-care pharmaceutical industries developing ORAL CONTROLLED drug formulations.


Sugar Spheres are neutral pellets for pharmaceutical use

Drug Master File N.: 32181 – Active IV


Composition: sucrose (C12, H22, O11) 62.5-92.0% ,
corn starch (C6,H10,O5)n 37.5-8.0%


Size: Available in standard and special sizes (from 300 µm to 1700 µm ). Other sizes can be customized.


Friability < 1.0%


Stability: 5 years stored in monitored conditions


Tartaric Acid pellets are made for pharmaceutical use

Drug Master File N.: 32545 – Active IV


Composition: (C4,H6,O6) 100%


Size: Available in standard and special sizes (from 300 µm  to 1000 µm ). Other sizes can be customized.


Friability < 1.0%


Stability: 3 years stored in monitored conditions

Quality standards

Surinerts are fully in compliance with USP and EP current editions. High quality standards are guaranteed by analytical and microbiological quality control tests, throughout all the manufacturing steps. All the analytical tests are carried out both by an internal Analytical Laboratory and by external validated laboratories.

Certificates of Analysis are issued by our QC and approved by our QA. Production is made in San Giuliano Milanese (Milan) plant and includes storage and quarantine areas, analytical laboratory, R & D department.

Approved ISO (9001:2015).

IPS Surinerts

I.P.S SURINERTS is a division of I.P.S., founded in 1976 specialized in the production of pharmaceuticals excipients.


We apply this technology to develop innovative products and solutions, shaping our offer to fit the specific needs of each client, and providing a quality, responsive and fast service aimed at fully meeting our customers’ expectations.

We work with highly qualified staff and pay special attention to Research & Development to ensure advanced solutions and high-quality products.

The Group

I.P.S. – International Products & Services is part of the GP GROUP OF COMPANIES, fully owned by PADUSA S.p.A., an Italian family holding whose diversified activities extend to:


  • Microincapsulation by coacervation for industrial use
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture & Natural Reserves
  • Real Estates
  • Financing & Investing
  • Hotel & Residential Areas
  • Wellness & Spa Center

Where our pellets are distributed

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