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Surinerts are inert cores made following Good Manufacturing Practices for bulk pharmaceutical excipients


Inert microgranules made of pharmaceutical grade sucrose and corn starch

Pharmaceutical companies use Surinerts as cores in sustained and controlled release formulations in solid-oral dosage forms.


Project Design

  • Surface: roughness and sphericity to ensure uniform application; no porosity, cracks or holes;
  • Reproducibility: Reliable and reproducible uniformity for batch-to-batch consistency;
  • Different Particle sizes: for different pharmaceutical dosages;
  • Minimum humidity content;
  • Low friability and hardness to withstand fluid bed processing;

Product Specifications



Sugar Spheres are neutral pellets for pharmaceutical use

Drug Master File N.: 32181 – Active IV

Composition: sucrose (C12, H22, O11) 62.5-92.0% , corn starch (C6,H10,O5)n 37.5-8.0%

Size: Available in standard and special sizes (from 300 µm to 1700 µm / 50#-12#). Other sizes can be customized.

IPS guarantees, for any available size PSD ≥ 90 %

Friability < 1.0%

Stability: 5 years stored in monitored conditions

Available Sizes


Quality is our main concern. Surinerts® products are fully in compliance with: USP and EP current editions. Certificates of Analysis are issued by our Quality Control and approved by our Quality Assurance.


We are able to guarantee high quality standards thanks to our severe quality controls, both analytical and microbiological, performed during the entire production process.


In-process controls are performed throughout all manufacturing steps. All the analytical tests are carried out both by an internal Analytical Laboratory and by external validated laboratories.

Technical Documentation

Our pellets have been registered by FDA. Surinerts Sugar Spheres DMF has been filed with number: 32181.


All product batches are released with a Certificate of Analysis reporting all the Chemical and Microbiological results.


A complete Regulatory Data Sheet is available for Surinerts Sugar Spheres